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Dublin Sundial

A modern bronze dial, "SILAS HIGGON - FECIT", 365mm diameter, in the walled garden of Newbridge House, 15km north of Dublin at Donabate on the R126. There is an Equation of Time scale in the form of three concentric rings, first - Signs of the Zodiac, then - months "JANUARY" "FEBRUARY" etc. with the days "0" "15" "30/31" and finally "ADD MINUTES TO DIAL" or "SUBTRACT MINUTES FROM DIAL" with the values "0" "2" "4" "6" etc. We are further told to "ALLOW 25 MINUTES FOR LONGITUDE CORRECTION AND 1 HOUR FOR SUMMERTIME IF IT IS APPLICABLE" Shows 4a.m. to 8p.m. in 30 and 15 min divisions. The hours are in Roman numerals with four as IIII. The half hours are marked between the numerals by fleur-de-lys. It has a split noon to compensate for the pierced 20mm thick by 220mm high gnomon. Near the edge of the plate there is a minute ring in the form of five concentric circles approx. 2mm apart through which the 15 min lines are extended. This is further subdivided by 5 min lines. A diagonal line is drawn across each of the 5 min 'rectangles' and as it intersects each circle it marks the minutes. This combination of tight circles and diagonal lines around the edge of the plate with a 'saw tooth' appearance is called a transversal (or diagonal) design.
The dial is inset into the 430mm diam top of a very elaborate bulbous sandstone pillar, 1100mm high, on a 900mm across the flats by 150mm high octagonal base.

Set in 350 acres of park land, Newbridge House, which was designed by George Semple and built in 1737 for Charles Cobbe later Archbishop of Dublin, was sold to Dublin County Council complete with much of the contents. The courtyard is now fully restored, and the 29 acre traditional farm is complete with farmyard animals. Access is restricted, tours only or by appointment.

Lat 53° 29' North  Long 6° 10' West

Irish Grid  O   322000   2 49000

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