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Dublin Sundial

A modern bronze dial, "SILAS HIGGON - FECIT", 255mm diameter, in the walled garden of Malahide Castle, on the coast 14km north of Dublin city. It has a 16 point compass rose marked "S" "SWE" "SE" etc. There is an Equation of Time Graph and we are told to "ALLOW 25 MINUTES FOR LONGITUDE CORRECTION" It shows 5a.m. to 7p.m. in Roman numerals with IIII for four. It has a split noon to compensate for the pierced 7mm thick by 185mm high gnomon. There are three fractional time rings inside the Chapter Ring: Hours, half and quarter hours. Outside the Chapter Ring near the outside edge of the plate, there is a 5 minute ring
The dial sits on the 330mm square top of an old 700mm high sandstone pillar.

Set in 250 acres of park land, Malahide Castle was both a fortress and a private home for nearly eight hundred years. Apart from a short period when they were evicted by Cromwell, the Talbot family lived here from 1185 to 1973, when the last Lord Talbot died, making this the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Ireland. One of the more poignant legends concerns the morning of the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 when fourteen members of the family breakfasted together for the last time - they were all dead by nightfall.

Lat 53° 27' North  Long 6° 9' West

Irish Grid  O   3 23400   245800

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