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Down Sundial

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In the graveyard to the south east of Mourne Presbyterian Church, Kilkeel, is a 200mm diameter brass sundial with a complete provenance engraved.

"The Gift of Rob Wallace of Newry to the [..Protest..] Dessenting Congregation of Kerkeel in Mourn    the Revd Mr And Kennedy Minister   1757"
"Made by G. Adams in Fleet Street London. [..Inst..] Maker to His Royal Highness the PRINCE of WALES"

Robert Wallace was the son of Rev. Charles Wallace who was the first Minister of the Church from 1696 until 1735. He donated the dial when the Church was rebuilt.

The dial in good condition with an eight point compass rose marked "N" "NE" "E" etc. at its centre, an hour ring showing 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. is engraved with Roman Numerals with IIII for four. The half hours are marked by 'spear heads'.It has a split noon to compensate for the gnomon thickness. Around the outer edge is a minute ring reading 20, 40, 60 repeating. The solid gnomon has two strong supporters.
The dial sits in a recess on top of a 900 mm high octagonal granite pillar, on a 500mm square concrete base over three granite slabs.

Lat 54° 4' North  Long 6° 1' West

Irish Grid    J  330430   314390

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