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Down Sundial

A John Bonar sun, moon and tide slate dial, 400mm by 350mm by 15m thick, dated 1630. Originally designed for Bangor Abbey Church on the site of the ancient monastery, it was removed to Bangor Castle over 100 years ago and is now on display in the North Down Museum.
This is an equatorial dial which means that it should be set up at an angle parallel to the equator so that the summer sun shines on the upper face and in winter on the lower face, which is also elaborately carved.

37Kb Photo

The dial also has a wind rose, with the name of a port opposite each point of the compass. The compass bearing is what is called the 'port establishment', which very roughly gives the direction of the moon at the high tide for the particular harbour. Ayr, London, Bristol, Dublin and Cork are among the thirty places featured. The dial is covered with mottos and verses in Latin and Scots.
One of only four known by this early 1600's Ayr school teacher, another is in the archives of the Drumfries Museum, Scotland. See the Ulster Journal of Archaeolgy Vol VII October 1901

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Lat 54° 40' North   Long 5° 40' West

Irish Grid    J  350530   382350

Photo Copyright North Down Museum and M.J.Harley © 2001

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