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Waterford Sundial
Congreve House

Congreve House

Sundial at Congreve House

Sundial at Congreve House
Special thanks to Terry Cunningham for drawing this dial to my attention and for photo

A modern (c.1980) replica of an early 18th century English dial which is now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington U.S.A. The drawings for the replica were prepared by hand by Fer J. de Vries of Holland. Click here to visit this website De Zonnewijzerkring ( The Dutch Sundial Society)
In the original dial the time ring was divided into one minute divisions but for technical reasons two minute divisions were used in the replica. The original and the replica both use the Julian calendar for the Equation of Time table. The Gregorian calender, which we still use today, was not introduced in the U.K. until 1752.
Click here for an explanation of the 'Equation of Time'
Within the 110 acre garden are dozens of examples of each of over 3,500 varieties of rhododendron, 650 camellias, 300 magnolias, and 250 types of Japanese Maple as well as half a mile mile of hostas. This is the world's largest private plant collection.

Ambrose Congreve who died in 2011 was the last of the family of that name who built Mount Congreve nearly 300 years ago. At the time of his death it was thought to be one of the finest stately homes in Ireland. The people of Ireland and gardeners of the world will be pleased to know that the garden has been bequeathed to the Irish Nation.

Lat 52° 14' 29" North    Long 7° 12' 49" West

Irish Grid    S  253700   110240

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