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Dublin Sundial

The "Southern Cross" Monument at Portmarnock Beach - Artists Title "Eccentric Orbit" erected 1999
There was thousands of people on the beach in Portmarnock to witness the take-of at 4am on June 24, 1930 of renowned Australian aviator, Charles Kingsford-Smith, who piloted his plane the "Southern Cross" from Portmarnock beach to New York on the final leg of his East-West circumnavigation of the globe.
This memorial sculpture designed by Remco Defouw and Rachael Joynt, is a two metre diameter, eight ton sphere of limestone in the shape of the globe and depicts all the continents of the world. The historic flight path taken from Portmarnock to America is marked out on the sculpture. The globes axis and bronze needle point directly at the North Star. This fixed point in the heavens around which all stars appear to revolve has been used for navigation for thousands of years.
This 2.5 metre high gnomon lacks only hour markers to complete a sundial.

Lat 53° 24' North  Long 6° 7' West

Irish Grid    O    325300     241200

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