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Many thanks to Terence Cunningham for this close-up photo
One of two dials in the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin City, this black iron armillary sphere is located in the Rose Garden where it replaced the Lynch dial which was moved to beside the Palm House. The sphere is 320mm in diameter, mounted on a 80mm high x 40mm diam stand with a 150mm diam base and bolted to the 460mm diam top of an 1120mm high fluted sandstone column. This in turn sits on a circular three step base. A bronze time ring is planted (screwed) onto the iron Equatorial Ring with hours from 4(a.m.) to 8(p.m.)in Arabic numerals. Each hour is sub-divided at 10 min intervals. Designed by Owen Deignan it was constructed by Ted Sweeney in 1987.

The 48 acre gardens are located at Glasnevin, 4km north of the city centre on the N2.

British Sundial Society SR No 3931

Lat 53° 22' North  Long 6° 16' West

Irish Grid     O   315370    236560

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