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Dublin Sundial

A modern horizontal stone dial 360mm in diameter, located in Beech Park. The dial shows "Lat. 53° 23' N Long. 6° 25' W" and has an eight point compass rose marked "S" "SW" "W" etc. The North point is indicated by a mirror image fleur-de-lys. Inscription reads "Like the sun your own Self is ever watching even when it is cloudy" It shows 7p.m. in 30, 15 and 5 min divisions. The hours are in Roman numerals with four as IIII. It has a split noon to compensate for the 200mm high by 20 mm thick pierced bronze gnomon.
Inset into the 400mm diam by 200mm deep cup shaped top of an 1060mm high stone 'goblet' shaped pillar which sits on a 580mm square stone base.

Beech Park is at Clonsilla 15k west of Dublin city on the R121(close by Luttrellstown Castle). Access is restricted, tours only or by appointment.

Lat 53° 23' North  Long 6° 25' West

Irish Grid    O    304600     238000

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