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Dublin Sundial
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A circular brass dial 445mm diam dated 1815 on the south lawn at Áras an Uachtaráin (Oficial Residence of the President of Ireland) in Phoenix Park. In poor condition, 'pock' marked over entire surface due to corrosion. It has a pierced brass gnomon, 255mm high, at an angle of 53 degrees, which is correct for the Latitude of Phoenix Park. It reads 4a.m. to 8p.m. in Roman Numerals, with IIII for four. Half hours are marked by spear head symbols. It has a split noon to compensate for 25mm wide gnomon style. There are two fractional time rings of 10 and 5 minutes each inside the Chapter Ring. Outside the Chapter Ring, around the outside edge of the plate, there is a minute ring marked "60 10 20 30 40 50 60 10 .." repeating. The time is read from 'outside' the dial, that is, when facing the sun.An 8 point compass rose "NE" "E" "SE" etc. at the root of the gnomon and a clockwise Equation of Time (EoT) table in the form of four concentric rings, (1) months "Jan" "Feb" etc., (2) marks for individual days with every tenth day marked "10", "20" "28/30 /31" as appropriate, (3) EoT values and (4) "sun too fast" "sun too slow" . Lining up with and parallel to the month names is a Symbols of the Zodiac ring. There are lines on the dial plate to indicate noon in distant cities and countries. Above each place name is the Roman Numeral "XII"
The painted column, which is probably limestone, looks a lot younger than the worn dial, this plus the fact that vandal proof screws have been used to fix the dial in place would suggest the possibility that the dial was brought from somewhere else and set up in its present location in recent times.
No makers name discernible but it is remarkably similar to a Mason Dial in archives of Armagh Museum

Lat 53° 22' North  Long 6° 19' West

Irish Grid  O    312050     235600

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