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Donegal Sundial

Laghey Parish Church (Church of Ireland).

Sundial pillar at Laghey Church

Sundial on pillar at Laghey Church

In the centre of the dial there is a large 8 point compass rose marked "N" "NE" "E" etc. The time is read from 'outside' the dial i.e. facing the sun. It shows 4a.m. to 8p.m. in 30 and 15 minute divisions on two inner time rings, then the hours in the Chapter Ring in Roman numerals with IIII as four. There are two outer time rings, one divided in 2 minute divisions and the other with the numerals 60, 20, 40, 60 repeating, marking the minute count. The half hours are indicated by spears in the Chapter Ring. It has a split noon to compensate for the thickness of the gnomon (the triangular shadow caster). The 8-leafed petal shaped zinc dial sits flush at the edges on top of an ornate stone pillar carved with the same 8 point fluted section.

There is no date on the dial but it is signed "E.M.Clarke,428, Strand, LONDON". Edward Clarke worked in Dublin from 1810 until about 1830 when he went to London where he was last known in 1856. Laghey Church was built in 1837 so the dial probably dates from then.
The dial was restored by Harriet James in 2012. Click here to visit Harriet's website

Laghey Parish Church is about 5km south of Donegal town on the N15 road

Lat 54° 37' North   Long 8° 05' West

Irish Grid    G   194350   374650

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