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Churchtown Obelisk

The 20 tonne polished limestone obelisk at Kerry Lane, Bruhenny, Churchtown is 10 metres high, 1 metre square at the base tapering to 0.6 metres at the top with the usual obelisk style cap. It is surrounded by sixteen one-metre diameter limestone blocks. Each block shows an hour of the day from 06:00 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening in Roman numerals (VI to XXII). The south face of the obelisk is inscribed with a motto in three languages - Latin,"Ad Sidera", Gaelige, "I dTreo na Speartha" and English, "To the Stars". The north face carries Churchtown's latitude and longitude - 52.2 degrees North and 8.3 degrees West. The west and east faces are inscribed with the year the Bruhenny development started in modern Arabic -2000- and Roman numerals - MM.

The Churchtown Village Renewal Trust, chairman Gerry Murphy, conceived this project.
The foundation for the obelisk was specified by O'Shea Leader Consulting Engineers, Cork.
The typography for the inscriptions was created by Keaney Design, Dublin
The monument itself was supplied by Marble & Granite Supplies Ltd., Malahide Road, Dublin. Gerry Murphy is also chairman of Marble & Granite Supplies Ltd.

Lat 52° 12'  North    Long 8° 18' West

Irish Grid    R  179500   105400

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