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There is a 350mm sandstone cubic quoin stone with dials on the two exposed faces, on the south west corner at the eaves of Ballintoy C.o.I. Parish Church. One of the most northerly points in Ireland,it is 6 km west of Ballycastle on the B15. The present church was built in 1813 replacing a 1633 building which had in turn replaced an earlier church on this site.
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The vertical south facing dial has "Lat 55° 14' North   Lon 6° 16' West" inscribed, a pierced bronze gnomon, full hour and short half hour lines with Roman numerals. There was a mistake made with the Roman numerals - both sides appear to have been inscribed as a mirror image of the VI, VII, VIII side
The pad stone that supports the overhanging dial stone bears the date 1817.
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The direct west dial has hour lines with arabic numerals 1 to 8 and is inscribed HIGH W??????? - the stone is badly eroded but looks like - HIGH WAY TO GOD It has a solid bronze gnomon inscribed with "Lat 55° 14' North" on one side and "Long 6° 16' West" on the other.

British Sundial Society SR No 3610

Lat 55° 14' North   Long 6° 21' West

Irish Grid    D   304960   444170

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